100 titles or descriptions for Buddha

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100 titles or descriptions for Buddha (some of the Pali is shown in parentheses):

  1. All-seeing (Annadatthudasa)
  2. All-transcending sage (Sabbabhibhu Dhiro)
  3. All-vanquishing sage
  4. Arahant (fully enlightened)
  5. Awakened One
  6. Best of those who can be tamed
  7. Blessed One
  8. Brahma (as in master of the brahma-viharas)
  9. Buddha (Awakened One, Enlightened One)
  10. Bull among men
  11. Bull among seers
  12. Bull of the Sakyan clan
  13. Caravan leader
  14. Conqueror of beasts
  15. Conqueror of Mara (Maraji)
  16. Consummate in knowledge & conduct
  17. Dhamma
  18. Discoverer (in the Dhamma after it died out)
  19. Dispeller of darkness
  20. Elucidator of meaning
  21. Endowed with all the foremost marks
  22. Endowed with knowledge and good conduct (Vijjacaranasampanna)
  23. Exalted One
  24. Expert with regard to the world
  25. The Eye
  26. First in the world
  27. Foremost jewel
  28. Foremost of all people
  29. Foremost of charioteers
  30. Foremost of those who can cross
  31. Foremost sage
  32. Fortunate One
  33. Freed (nibbana)
  34. Fully enlightened one
  35. Giver of the deathless
  36. God of gods (Devadeva)
  37. Gotama (his family name)
  38. Great One
  39. Great seer
  40. Guide (Nayaka)
  41. Healer (meditation types)
  42. Helper (Natha)
  43. Helper of the World (Lokanatha)
  44. Him-of-the-Ten-Powers (Dasabala)
  45. Incomparable Charioteer of men to be tamed
  46. King of the Dhamma (Dhammaraja)
  47. Kinsman of the sun
  48. Knower (enlightened) of the World (Lokavidu)
  49. Knowledge
  50. Lion (of the Dhamma; Siha in Pali)
  51. Lion Man (Narasiha)
  52. Lion of the Sakyas (Sakyasiha)
  53. Lord Buddha (respectful, devotional title in appreciation for the teachings)
  54. Lord of sages (Muninda)
  55. Lord of the Dhamma
  56. Master Gotama (referring to being a teacher with his birth name)
  57. Noble One (by attainments, not birth)
  58. Of excellent wisdom (Varapañña)
  59. One who sees (Cakkhuma)
  60. One who transcends all (Sabbabhibhu)
  61. Peaceful sage
  62. Peerless bull
  63. Perfect in knowledge and practice
  64. Physician (Bhisakka)
  65. The Perfect One
  66. Pure (enlightenment)
  67. Radiant One (Angirasa)
  68. Recluse (monk not attached to home or possessions)
  69. Related to the sun (Adiccabandhu)
  70. Rightly self-awakened
  71. Sakyamuni (Sage of the Sakyas)
  72. Samma-sam-Buddha (teacher of the masses, rediscovering Dhamma)
  73. Self-dependent (Sayambhu)
  74. Shower of the way
  75. Siddhattha (his given name)
  76. Stainless (pure in virtues)
  77. Sublime One
  78. Supreme among those who can be released
  79. Tathagata (the one “thus-gone” or “thus-come“)
  80. Teacher (Sattha)
  81. Teacher of divine and human beings
  82. Teacher of the world (Lokagaru)
  83. Thoroughly mature
  84. Torchbearer of mankind (Ukkadharo manussanam)
  85. Training leader (Vinayaka)
  86. Ultimate leader
  87. Unconquered conqueror
  88. Unexcelled trainer for those people fit to be tamed
  89. Unsurpassed charioteer of beings to be tamed
  90. Unsurpassed doctor and surgeon
  91. Unvanquished (Anabhibhuto)
  92. Vanquisher (Abhibhu)
  93. Victor in battle
  94. Wanderer (monk gone forth from lay life)
  95. Wellfarer
  96. Well-gone one (Sugata)
  97. Wielder of power (Vasavatti)
  98. With great wisdom (Bhuripañña)
  99. World-knower
  100. Worthy one

(There are even more, but these are the major 100 titles used in the Pali Canon.)