6 types of Buddhists

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There are six types of Buddhists mentioned in the Tipitaka:

  1. Arahant
  2. Non returner
  3. Once returner
  4. Stream entrant
  5. Dhamma followers; those who accept the Dhamma only after pondering over it with wisdom (dhammā paññāya mattaso nijjhānaṃ khamanti) who do not have quick and sharp wisdom and have not attained complete release, but who do possess the five faculties (pañc'indriyani) of faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom.
  6. Faith followers; those who only possess the five faculties but who have mere faith (saddhā,matta) in and mere love (pema,matta) for the Buddha.

(from Samyutta Nikaya 48.12, 55.24)

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