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Amazon bestsellers list April 2006

A book by David N. Snyder, Ph.D., published in 2006, which was an Amazon.com bestseller, at the #1 position among Theravada books sold in March - April 2006. The book was in the Top 10 for over 80 weeks from 2006 to 2009. The book includes over 600 of the Buddha's lists and relies heavily on the Anguttara Nikaya of the Buddhist scriptures.

The hard copy print books sold out in June of 2009 and then went online as a PDF download completely for free, no shipping and printing costs for Vipassana Foundation or purchasers as it can be read online as a free e-book. See the links below.

The Complete Book of Buddha's Lists -- Explained

Table of Contents

  • About the author and Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Foreword: The Four Evolutionary Stages of Religion by Venerable Madewela Punnaji


  • 1. Introduction; The Nine Ways not to accept something as true
  • 2. The Four Noble Truths
  • 3. The Eightfold Middle Path, The Five Precepts, The Threefold Summaries and The Triple Gem
  • 4. The 12 parts of Dependent Origination and the Three causes of karma
  • 5. The 31 Planes of Existence
  • 6. The 10,000 World Systems; Buddha and Science
  • 7. The Three Characteristics of Existence and the Five Aggregates
  • 8. The One Prerequisite to being a Brahmin; The Buddha on Equality
  • 9. The Eight Points in the Lankavatara Sutra; Buddha on the Human Animal
  • 10. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • 11. The 40 Meditation Subjects
  • 12. The Five Hindrances to Meditation and the Nine Jhanas
  • 13. The 13 Major Meditation Rx for Total Wellness
  • 14. The Four Supreme Efforts and the Four Divine Emotions
  • 15. The 84,000 Dharma Doors; Buddha and Tolerance
  • 16. The Ten Hindrances to Enlightenment, the Four Stages of Realization, and the Ten Perfections
  • 17. Completing the Eightfold Wheel of Dhamma
  • 18. The Seven Directions of Loving-Kindness and other reference prayers and meditations
  • 19. The Seven Enlightenment Factors and a Step-by-Step Guide to Awakening
  • 20. Other Lists of The Buddha: Over 600 Lists
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography

Links to the pdf

TheDhamma.com link to the pdf

DhammaWiki.com link to the pdf

Vipassana Foundation

Main article: Vipassana Foundation

The publishing and distribution of the book was the primary function of Vipassana Foundation, a non-profit organization. To that end, the organization, publisher, and author made no income or profit from sales of the book. All funds received were used for the printing and shipping of the books. As of June 2009 all print copies of the book sold out. The complete book is in the above link and excerpts are also at the many websites operated by Vipassana Foundation, including:


The complete book and some excerpts from the book can be found not only in various articles here in Dhamma Wiki, but also at the following domains and websites, maintained by Vipassana Foundation: