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There are many beautiful thangka paintings of the Buddha

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The official encyclopedia of The Dhamma website, a Buddhist encyclopedia. All traditions are welcome and anyone may suggest an article. E-mail david(at)TheDhamma(dot)com for any ideas you have for an article and it will be reviewed and may be added. All articles must first be e-mailed to avoid automatic bot vandalism (which has occurred in the past).
Dr. David N. Snyder established Dhamma Wiki on September 27, 2008 and Dharma Wiki on October 17, 2017. See other milestones. Dhamma Wiki is the main portion of this wiki and includes Theravada, early Buddhism and general Buddhism articles. Dharma Wiki is a category within this encyclopedia with Mahayana and Vajrayana articles, see Dharma Wiki category.

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The Maha Bodhi Temple is the most important place to Buddhists, but pilgrimage is not required
The Anjali gesture
  • Click on the Temples category below and you can navigate to find a temple by continent, country, and in some cases to state or city.
  • Click on the Pali Canon category below and you can navigate through large parts of the Tipitaka, the earliest religious writings of Buddhism.
  • The appeal of Buddhism
  • Rational teachings of Buddha
  • Misconceptions about Buddhism
  • Closer to truth short book updated to second edition, Feb. 2020
  • The Anjali gesture shown to the right has become increasingly popular among people from all nations and probably originated around the time of the Buddha

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