Nagasena Bhiksu Sutra 2.47

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T 1670B Nāgasena Bhikṣu Sūtra

Part 2: Dialogues 2.47. On How to Know the Buddha’s Incomparability

The king asked Nāgasena, “How do you know, Nāgasena, that the Buddha is incomparable?”

Then Nāgasena asked the king, “Who is the master in writing books?”

“The master who wrote books is called Tissa.”

“Have you, great king, ever seen the master Tissa?”

“Tissa died long, long ago. I have never seen him.”

“Great king, if you have never seen Tissa, then how do you know that Tissa is the master in writing books?”

“Because the ancient books and writings are handed down to us. By that I know he is called Tissa.”

Then Nāgasena said, “In the same way, he who sees the scriptures and disciplines, sees the Buddha. The sutras and the Path preached by the Buddha are very profound and would lead to happiness. Those who have learned the Buddhist scriptures and discipline, in turn, teach others. Therefore I know that the Buddha is incomparable.”

The king asked Nāgasena, “Have you seen for yourself the Buddha’s teachings which should be practiced for a long time?”

Nāgasena replied, “The teachings and the discipline explained by the Buddha are so excellent that I should practice them up to my old age.”

“Excellent, Nāgasena.”