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Bhikkhu Pesala first practiced intensive meditation at a retreat conducted by Mr John Coleman in 1975, and ever since has dedicated his life to Dhamma practice.

After his ordination in 1979 under Venerable Mahāsi Sayādaw, he adopted the Sayādaw's method of watching the abdominal movements, and slow, mindful walking. He teaches meditation wherever and whenever he is invited.

He set up the Association for Insight Meditation (see external link below) with the help of Christine Fitzmaurice and David Glendinning in 1995 to support those who want to practice insight meditation seriously. The website contains a wealth of information related to the Dhamma, including Pali terms and names and numerous article.

He is a regular contributor to Buddhist forums and blogs, including Dhamma Wheel, the discussion forum for this Dhamma Wiki.

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