10 comparisons to attachment to sense desires

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The ten comparisons made to what attachment to sense desire is like:

1. A skeleton whose bare bones do nothing to feed the hunger of a dog

2. A piece of raw flesh which two birds are fighting over and one may die from the fight

3. A burning torch that is about to burn the hand of the person holding the torch

4. A pit of burning charcoal that we may be pushed into

5. A poisonous snake which might attack us at any given moment

6. A dream

7. Borrowed possessions, of no lasting value

8. A tree laden with fruit that perishes as people grab for the fruit, breaking the branches

9. An impaling stick

10. A slaughterhouse where lives are lost

(from Majjhima Nikaya 22)

Note that a piece of flesh is used as a comparison to the attachment to sense desires and more importantly a slaughterhouse where animals are killed for meat (numbers 2 and 10 above).