10 inspiring qualities in a monk

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Ten inspiring qualities in a monk:

1. There is the case where a monk is virtuous. He dwells restrained in accordance with the Patimokkha (monks and nuns code of conduct), consummate in his behavior and sphere of activity. He trains himself, having undertaken the training rules, seeing danger in the slightest faults.

2. He has heard much, has retained what he has heard, has stored what he has heard. Whatever teachings are admirable in the beginning, admirable in the middle, admirable in the end, that, in their meaning and expression, proclaim the holy life entirely perfect and pure: those he has listened to often, retained, discussed, accumulated, examined with his mind, and well-penetrated in terms of his views.

3. He is content with robes, alms food, lodgings, and medicinal requisites for curing the sick.

4. He attains, whenever he wants, without strain, without difficulty, the jhanas that are heightened mental states, pleasant abidings in the here-and-now.

5. He experiences manifold supranormal powers.

6. He hears, by means of the divine ear-element, purified and surpassing the human, both kinds of sounds: divine and human, whether near or far.

7. He knows the awareness of other beings, other individuals, having encompassed it with his own awareness.

8. He recollects his manifold past lives.

9. He sees, by means of the divine eye, purified and surpassing the human, beings passing away and re-appearing, and he discerns how they are inferior and superior, beautiful and ugly, fortunate and unfortunate in accordance with their kamma.

10. Through the ending of the mental fermentations, he remains in the fermentation-free awareness-release and discernment-release, having known and made them manifest for himself right in the here and now.

(from Majjhima Nikaya 108)