10 keys to success

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Ten keys to success:

1. Enthusiastic effort in advantageous states greatly helps.

2. Joyous awareness of the body as only a transient form is to be cultivated.

3. Contact as the cause of mental fermentation and clinging is to be recognized.

4. The conceit: 'I Am (my Own Body or Mind)' is to be extracted and eliminated.

5. That Irrational Attention leads to loss & decline is to be thoroughly known.

6. Rational attention, discriminating cause and effect, is to be directed to.

7. That immediate absorption of mental concentration is hard to penetrate to.

8. The certainty of unshakable and assured knowledge is to be sought and reached.

9. That all being in existence is maintained by nutriment is to be fully learnt.

10. Absolute and irreversible mental release is to be realized and fully entered.

(from Digha Nikaya 34)