12 steps in the gradual training of a recluse

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12 steps in the gradual training of a recluse

1. Acquisition of hiri and ottappa (moral shame and fear of wrongdoing).

2. Purification of bodily conduct.

3. Purification of verbal conduct.

4. Purification of mental conduct.

5. Purification of livelihood.

6. Restraint of the senses.

7. Moderation in eating.

8. Devotion to wakefulness.

9. Developing sati and sampajañña (clarity of consciousness) with regard to major and minor postures and actions of body and speech.

10. Abandoning the five hindrances.

11. Development of four jhānas.

12. Attainment of the three vijjās (higher knowledges).

(MN 39 Mahā assapurasutta)