13 major Rx for total wellness

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The 13 major Rx for Total Wellness:

See chapter 13 of Buddha's Lists for the list of meditations and explanations that can be used to possibly overcome or aid in the recovery of ailments such as, physical ailments, hypertension, ill-will / anger, aversion, lust, sloth and torpor, and others.

1. Longevity; the Buddha lived to the age of 80 during a time when average longevity was 35 years at best. The removing of mental defilements from his mind, walking meditation, and other exercises, such as climbing Vulture Peak, allowed him to live a very long life.

2. Physical ailments; Mindfulness of breathing; in-out breathing contemplation

3. Stress / hypertension; Mindfulness of breathing; meditate using the in-out breathing contemplation method. Breathe slowly and focus on relaxation. Continue the relaxed meditative state after the meditation is over and throughout the day.

4. Obesity; One meal a day

5. Maintaining physical health; Walking meditation, regular exercise, such as; The Zen of stairclimbing, Archery & kyudo, The Zen of Golf, Yoga.

6. Unhappiness; Anicca, Metta, 4 Brahma Viharas

7. Big pride / ego; Anicca, Mudita, 4 Brahma Viharas

8. Ill-will / anger; Metta, Kamma, 4 Brahma Viharas

9. Aversion to meditation; Anicca, Mudita

10. Lust; Anicca, repulsiveness, foulness of the body; 10 cemetery contemplations, 32 parts of the body.

11. Hatred; 4 Brahma Viharas

12. Sloth and torpor; moderation, One meal a day, Anicca

13. Worry and doubt; Wisdom; Study relieves worry and doubt as it is usually caused from ignorance