16 stages of Insight Knowledge

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The 16 Stages of Insight Knowledge:

1. Knowledge of the distinction between mental and physical states

2. Knowledge of the cause and effect relationship between mental and physical states

3. Knowledge of mental and physical processes as impermanent, unsatisfactory, and not-self

4. Knowledge of arising and passing away

5. Knowledge of dissolution (ceasing) of formations

6. Knowledge of the fearful nature of mental and physical states

7. Knowledge of mental and physical states as unsatisfactory

8. Knowledge of disenchantment

9. Knowledge of the desire to abandon the worldly state

10. Knowledge which investigates the Path to deliverance and which instills a decision to practice further to completion

11. Knowledge which regards mental and physical states with dispassion

12. Knowledge which conforms to the Four Noble Truths, prepares entry to the Path, attains the fruit of the Path, and approaches nibbana by way of either impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, or not-self

13. Knowledge of deliverance from the worldly condition

14. Knowledge by which defilements are abandoned and are overcome by destruction

15. Knowledge which realizes the fruit of the Path and has nibbana as object

16. Knowledge which reviews the defilements still remaining