20 qualities of recluseship

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20 qualities of recluseship:

1. The best form of self-restraint

2. The highest kind of self-control

3. Right conduct

4. Calm manners

5. Mastery over deeds and words

6. Subjugation of the senses

7. Patience

8. Docility

9. Fairing in solitude

10. Delight in solitude

11. Meditation in solitude

12. Conscience and shame

13. Energy

14. Diligence

15. Undertaking the training

16. Recitation of the rules

17. Interrogation by a teacher or preceptor

18. Delight in morality

19. Freedom from attachment to worldly things

20. Fulfillment of the rules of training, wearing of the saffron robes and being shaven