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There have been 28 samma-sam-buddhas (teaching Buddhas who rediscover the Dhamma and teach the masses when the Dhamma has died-out), ending in the historical Buddha of our time. The Buddha was not the first Buddha, nor the last.

In most Theravada countries it is the custom for Buddhists to hold elaborate festivals to honor 28 Buddhas. For example, in various parts of Myanmar, festivals are held to pay homage to 28 Buddhas, especially in the fair weather season. The twenty eight Buddhas are said to have attained enlightenment from the time Gotama Buddha attained his first definite prophecy (assurance that one will definitely become a Buddha one day) from Dipankara Buddha. According to most Buddhist traditions, Metteyya (Maitreya, in Sanskrit) is expected to be the next Buddha.

Each Buddha attained enlightenment meditating under a tree. All of the trees are considered Bodhi Trees but they were not all the same species of tree. See: Bodhi Tree for the complete list of the trees for each Buddha.

The names of the 28 Buddhas

  1. Taṇhaṃkara
  2. Medhaṃkara
  3. Saraṇaṃkara
  4. Dipankara
  5. Koṇḍañña
  6. Maṃgala
  7. Sumana
  8. Revata
  9. Sobhita
  10. Anomadassi
  11. Paduma
  12. Nārada
  13. Padumuttara
  14. Sumedha
  15. Sujāta
  16. Piyadassi
  17. Atthadassi
  18. Dhammadassi
  19. Siddhattha
  20. Tissa
  21. Phussa
  22. Vipassi
  23. Sikhi
  24. Vessabhū
  25. Kakusandha
  26. Koṇāgamana
  27. Kassapa Buddha
  28. Gotama Buddha

(from the Khuddaka Nikaya, Buddhavamsa)