2 types of moderation in eating

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2 types of moderation in eating, for practicing the sixth precept (I undertake the precept to refrain from eating after midday) which lay people do on certain days and monks and nuns all the time.

  • 1. Ekabhattika: "one-mealer" means eating only during one part of the day (from dawn to midday), but despite the wording it doesn't actually set any limit on how many meals are consumed during this period.
  • 2. Ekaasanika: "one-session-eater" means eating just one meal a day.

And so all ekaasanikas are ekabhattikas, but not every ekabhattika is an ekaasanika. Ekaasanika is an optional dhutanga (ascetic) observance undertaken, while ekabhattika is what the sixth precept entails and what arahants practice.

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