40 qualities that lead to a heaven

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40 qualities that can lead one into a heavenly realm according to his actions:

1. He abstains from taking the life of living beings

2. He abstains from stealing

3. He abstains from acting wrongly in sensual desires

4. He abstains from untruthful speech

5. He abstains from slander

6. He abstains from harsh speech

7. He abstains from idle babble

8. He is not covetous and envious of others

9. He abstains from harmful thoughts

10. He does not have wrong understanding

11 through 20 = all of the above, with encouraging another to do so for each

21 through 30 = the above 1-10, with approving of so doing, for each

31 through 40 = the above 1-10, with speaking in praise thereof

(from Anguttara Nikaya 10.213)