4 thoroughbred persons

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Four types of excellent thoroughbred persons:

1. One who hears a person has died and becomes resolute.

2. One who does not hear that a person has died, but sees a sick or dead person and becomes resolute.

3. One who does not hear or see that a person has died, but sees one of his blood realatives sick or dead and becomes resolute.

4. One who does not see a man or woman in pain or dead, nor does he see one of his own blood relatives in pain or dead. But he himself is touched by bodily feelings that are painful, fierce, sharp, wracking, repellent, disagreeable, life-threatening. He is stirred and agitated by that. Stirred, he becomes appropriately resolute. Resolute, he both realizes with his body the highest truth and, having penetrated it with discernment, sees.

(from Anguttara Nikaya 4.113)