55 kinds of concentration

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55 kinds of concentration:

1. Unification of cognizance

2. Mundane

3. Supramundane

4. Concentration with applied-thought and sustained-thought

5. Concentration without applied-thought and with only sustained-thought

6. Concentration without applied-thought and sustained-thought

7. Concentration partaking of diminution

8. Concentration partaking of stagnation

9. Concentration partaking of distinction

10. Concentration partaking of penetration

11. Intentness with happiness

12. Intentness with pleasure

13. Intentness with equanimity

14. Intentness with light

15. Intentness with the sign of reviewing

16. Concentration through recollection of the Enlightened One

17. Concentration through recollection of the Dhamma

18. Concentration through recollection of the Sangha

19. Concentration through recollection of virtue

20. Concentration through recollection of generosity

21. Concentration as mental unification and non-distraction through recollection of deities

22. Skill in concentration

23. Skill in attainment of concentration

24. Skill in remaining in concentration

25. Skill in emerging from concentration

26. Skill in health of concentration

27. Skill in the domain of concentration

28. Skill in guiding concentration

29. Concentration through the earth kasina

30. Concentration through the water kasina

31. Concentration through the fire kasina

32. Concentration through the air kasina

33. Concentration through the blue kasina

34. Concentration through the yellow kasina

35. Concentration through the red kasina

36. Concentration through the white kasina

37. Inferior material concentration

38. Medium material concentration

39. Superior material concentration

40. Inferior immaterial concentration

41. Medium immaterial concentration

42. Superior immaterial concentration

43. Void concentration

44. Signless concentration

45. Desireless concentration

46. to 55. Concentration through the cemetery contemplations (see 40 meditation subjects)