5 future dangers regarding the Sangha

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Five future dangers regarding the Sangha:

1. Undeveloped monks will give full ordination to those unable to discipline themselves.

2. Undeveloped monks will teach students who are unable to discipline themselves.

3. Undeveloped monks when giving a Dhamma talk, will fall into bad mental states and corrupt the Dhamma.

4. Undeveloped monks will not listen when discourses that are words of the Tathagata; deep, profound, transcendent, connected with the Void; are being recited. They will not lend ear, will not set their hearts on knowing them, will not regard these teachings as worth grasping or mastering. But they will listen when discourses that are literary works; the works of poets, elegant in sound, elegant in rhetoric, the work of outsiders, words of disciples; are recited. They will lend ear and set their hearts on knowing them.

5. Undeveloped monks will start living in luxury, lethargic, foremost in falling back, shirking the duties of solitude.

(from Anguttara Nikaya 5.79)