5 paths or stages (Vajrayana)

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Lam nga

(tib.: lam nga) It refers to paths or stages along which beings progress to liberation and enlightenment:

  • 1. path of accumulation (tib.: tsog lam) - we reach it when we realize renunciation and Bodhicitta (the latter in case of Mahayana path of accumulation);
  • 2. path of preparation (tib.: jor lam) - deepening our understanding of reality and emptiness;
  • 3. path of seeing (tib.: tong lam) - see emptiness directly and become Arya;
  • 4. path of meditation (tib.: gom lam) - using insight gained in path of seeing we remove obscurations even further. In case of Mahayana path, we progress from first to tenth bhumi;
  • 5. path of no more learning (tib.: mi lob lam) - achievement of Nirvana (Hinayana path) or Buddhahood (Mahayana path). We become Arhat (Hinayana path) or Buddha (Mahayana path).