A to akarana

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a : [prefix] prefix ā shortened before a double consonant e.g. ā + kosati = akkosati; a negative prefixed to nouns, adjectives; and participles; e.g. na + kusala = akusala; the augment prefixed to some roots in the Past and Conditional Tenses; e.g. akāsi. || ā (ind.), up to. (prep.) from; towards.

aṃsa : [m.; nt.] 1. a part; a side; 2. shoulder.

aṃsakūṭa : [nt.] shoulder.

aṃsabandhana : [nt.] shoulder strap.

aṃsu : [m.] ray of light; a fibre.

aṃsuka : [nt.] cloth.

aṃsumālī : [m.] the sun.

akaṅkhamāna : [pr.p. of ākaṅkhati] wishing; desiring.

akaḍḍhati : [ā + kaḍḍh + a] pulls; drags.

akaḍḍhi : [aor. of akaḍḍhati] pulled; dragged.

akata : [adj.] 1. not done; not made; 2. not artificial. || akaṭa (adj.) 1. not done; not made; 2. not artificial.

akataññu : [adj.] ungrateful.

akatattā : [ind.] because one has not done.

akanta : [adj.] unpleasant.

akampiya : [adj.] immovable; stable; firm.

akaraṇa : [nt.] non-action.