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Abhaya: Fearless

Abhaya Dàna – Giving of non-fear, trust, warmness, tolerance. In the consideration of the Gifts, when one gives space and allowance for others to move and time to think, or does not belittle their capabilities or show up their weaknesses, one is considered as giving non-fear.

In Anguttara Nikàya, the book of the three, verse 172, the Buddha said that one should give in such a way that the receiver does not feel humiliated, belittled or hurt. One should give with due consideration and respect, and make the donee feel warmly welcomed and glad to return.

Personal involvement in the act of giving; such as giving with our own bare hands and promoting the rapport through our caring, willingness and concerned attitude towards the receiver will most definitely enhance the quality of our abhaya-dàna.

This will be even more so if we give things that are good, choice, useful and appropriate, and not things which are only fit to be thrown away.