Abhinandita to abhinipanna

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abhinandita : [(pp. of abhinandati), nt.] an object of pleasure.

abhinamati : [abhi + nam + a] bends; bows down.

abhinami : [aor. of abhinamati] bent; bowed down.

abhinayana : [nt.] 1. bringing to; 2. inquiry.

abhinava : [adj.] new; fresh.

abhinikūjita : [adj.] resounded with (the song of birds).

abhinikkhanta : [pp. of abhinikkhamati] gone forth from; retired from the world.

abhinikkhamati : [abhi + ni + kam + a] goes forth from; retires from the world.

abhinikkhamana : [nt.] renunciation; retirement from the household life.

abhinikkhami : [aor. of abhinikkhamati] went forth from; retired from the world.

abhinikkhamma : [abs. of abhinikkhamati] having gone forth from; having retired form the world.

abhinikkhitta : [pp. of abhinikkhipati] laid down.

abhinikkhipati : [abhi + ni + khip + a] lays down.

abhinikkhipana : [nt.] putting down.

abhinikkhipi : [aor. of abhinikkhipati] laid down.

abhinitana : [nt.] falling against; rushing on; attacking.

abhinipajjati : [abhi + ni + pad + ya] lies down on.

abhinipajji : [aor. of abhinipajjati] lay down on.

abhinipatati : [abhi + ni + pat + a] falls down; to rush on.

abhinipati : [aor. of abhinipatati] fell down; rushed on. || abhinipātī (adj.), falling on.

abhinipanna : [pp. of abhinipajjati] lain down on.