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Abhiññā: The 6 'higher powers', or supernormal knowledge's, consist of 5 mundane lokiya powers attainable through the utmost perfection in mental concentration samādhi and one supra-mundane lokuttara power attainable through penetrating insight vipassanā, i.e. ceasing of all mental fermentation āsavakkhaya see: āsava, in other words, realization of Arahatship or Nobility. They are: 1: magical powers iddhi, 2: divine ear dibba-sota, 3: penetration of the minds of others ceto-pariya-ñāna, 4: remembrance of former existences pubbe-nivāsānussati, 5: divine eye dibba-cakkhu, 6: ceasing of all fermentation āsavakkhaya.


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