Abhisajji to abhisameti

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abhisajji : [aor. of abhisajjati] was angry; was attached.

abhisañcetayita : [nt.] thought out; intended.

abhisañceteti : [abhi + saṃ + cit + e] thinks out.

abhisañcetesi : [aor. of abhisañceteti] thought out.

abhisaṭa : [pp. of abhisarati] visited; approached by.

abhisatta : [pp. of abhisapati] accursed.

abhisaddahati : [abhi + saṃ + dah + a] believes in.

abhisaddahi : [aor. of abhisaddahati] believed in.

abhisanda : [m.] outflow; result.

abhisandati : [abhi + sand + a] flows out; oozes.

abhisandana : [nt.] flowing; outcome; result.

abhisandahi : [aor. of abhisandahati] jointed; put together.

abhisandi : [aor. of abhisandati] flowed out; oozed.

abhisapati : [abhi + sap + a] curses; accurses; takes an oath.

abhisapana : [nt.] an oath; cursing.

abhisamaya : [m.] realisation; penetration.

abhisamācārika : [adj.] belonging to the good conduct.

abhisamita : [pp. of abhisameti] completely realised.

abhisamecca : [abs. of abhisameti] having understood thoroughly.

abhisameta : [pp. of abhisameti] completely realised.

abhisametāvī : [adj.] one who possesses complete insight.

abhisameti : [abhi + saṃ + i + a] attains; realizes.