Acala to accasara

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acala : [adj.] not moving; unshakeable.

acalasaddhā : [f.] unshakable faith.

acava : [adj.] low. (Only in the combination uccāvaca). || ācaya (m.), accumulation.

acira : [adj.] recent; new.

aciraṃ : [adv.] recently; not long ago; before long.

acirapakkanta : [adj.] recently departed.

acirappabhā : [f.] lightning.

acetana : [adj.] senseless; inorganic.

acela : [adj.] void of cloth; naked.

acelaka : [m.] naked ascetic.

accagamā : [aor.] overcame.

accagā : [pret. of ati + gam] he surpassed, overcame.

accanā : [f.] 1. oblation; 2. respect; honour.

accanta : [adj.] perpetual; absolute.

accantaṃ : [adv.] perpetually; extremely; exceedingly.

accaya : [m.] 1. fault; 2. lapse; 3. passing away. (accayena = after the lapse of).

accayena : [adv.] by the elapse of.

accasarā : [aor.] gave offence.