Accadhaya to accha

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accādhāya : [abs.] having placed one (leg) upon the other in a slightly changed position.

accāyika : [adj.] urgent.

accāsanna : [adj.] very near.

acci : [f.] flame.

accita : [pp. of acceti] honoured, esteemed.

accimantu : [adj.] having flames; brilliant. (m.), fire.

accuggata : [adj.] very high.

accuṇha : [adj.] very hot. (m.), great heat.

accuta : [adj.] everlasting; not passing away. (nt.), eternal peace.

accussanna : [adj.] much abundant.

acceti : [(1. ati + i + a); ( 2. acc + e)] 1. passes time; gets over. 2. honours; trespects.

accesi : [aor. of acceti] passes time; gets over; respected.

accogāḷha : [adj.] plunged into a great depth.

accodaka : [nt.] too much water.

accha : [adj.] clear; pure. (m.), a bear.