Adayi to adisana

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ādāyī : [m.] one who takes.

ādāsa : [m.] mirror.

ādāsatala : [nt.] surface of a mirror.

ādika : [adj.] and so on.

ādikammika : [m.] beginner.

ādikalyāṇa : [adj.] beautiful in the beginning.

ādicca : [m.] the sun.

ādiccapatha : [m.] the sky.

ādiccabandhu : [m.] kinsman of the sun; of the Solar race.

ādito : [adv.] at first; from the beginning.

āditta : [pp. of ādippati] blazing; burning.

ādima : [adj.] first; original; foremost.

ādiya : [abs. of ādiyati] having taken.

ādiyati : [a + dā + i + ya] takes up; grasps. (This is a passive base, but has active meaning).

ādiyi : [aor. of ādiyati] took up; grasped. (aor. of ādāti), took; grasped.

ādiyitvā : [abs. of ādiyati] having taken.

ādisati : [ā + dis + a] points out; tells; announces.

ādisanā : [f.] prophesy; guessing; pointing out.