Adhimanika to adhivasaka

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adhimānika : [adj.] one who thinks that he has attained some supernatural knowledge not actually being so.

adhimuccati : [adhi + muc + ya] attaches or inclines towards; possesses by a spirit.

adhimuccana : [nt.] 1. making up one's mind; 2. possession by a spirit.

adhimucci : [aor. of adhimuccati] attached or inclined towards; possessed by a spirit.

adhimucchita : [pp. of adhimucchati] infatuated.

adhimutta : [pp. of adhimuccati] was intent upon; inclined to.

adhimutti : [f.] resolve; disposition.

adhimuttika : [adj.] bent on; attached to.

adhimokkha : [m.] firm resolve; determination.

adhirāja : [m.] emperor.

adhirohanī : [f.] a ladder.

adhivacana : [nt.] a term; designation.

adhivattati : [adhi + vat + a] overpowers.

adhivatti : [aor. of adhivattati] overpowered.

adhivattha : [adj.] inhabiting; living in.

adhivasati : [adhi + vas + a] inhabits; lives in.

adhivasi : [aor. of adhivasati] inhabited; lived in.

adhivāsaka : [adj.] enduring; patient.