Agga to aggha

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agga : [adj.] the highest; the top-most. (m.), the end; the top. || añña (adj.) other; another; else. aññā (f.) perfect knowledge; arahantship.

aggañña : [adj.] known as the highest or foremost.

aggatā : [f.] pre-eminence. || aññāta (adj.), 1. (ā + ñāta:), known; understood; 2. (na + ñāta:) unknown; not recognised.

aggatta : [nt.] pre-eminence.

aggaphala : [nt.] 1. the first harvest of a cultivation; 2. supreme fruit of arahantship.

aggamagga : [m.] the highest path of salvation. || aññamañña (adj.), mutual.

aggamahesī : [f.] the queen-consort.

aggala : [nt.] bolt; latch.

aggavādī : [m.] the greastest teacher.

aggi : [m.] fire.

aggikkhandha : [m.] a great mass of fire.

aggiparicaraṇa : [nt.] fire-worship.

aggisālā : [f.] a heated room.

aggisikhā : [f.] flame.

aggihutta : [nt.] fire-sacrifice.

aggha : [m.] price; value. (nt.), obligation made to a guest.