Ahitundika to ahosikamma

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ahituṇḍika : [m.] snake-catcher.

ahipheṇa : [nt.] opium.

ahirika : [adj.] shameless. (nt.) shamelessness.

ahivātakaroga : [m.] buboenic plague.

ahīnindriya : [adj.] not defective of any sense-organ.

ahugaliya : [nt.] loud laughter.

ahetuka : [adj.] groundless; causeless.

aho : [ind.] exclamation of surprise or consternation.

ahoratta : [nt.] day and night.

ahosi : [aor. of hoti] existed; was.

ahosikamma : [nt.] an act of thought which has no longer any potential force.