Ajahn Thitamedha

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Ajahn Thitamedha was born in 1961 in Ryasan, Russia, near Moscow. She graduated as a medical doctor in 1986, from Ryasan Medical University and worked for four years. Facing human pains, suffering and deaths, brought her a strong sense of urgency to understand the human predicament and to find a way out of suffering.

She came across the teaching of the Buddha in 1989 and instantly felt a profound sense of recognition and an exquisite sense of joy. She first took Refuge in the Tibetan tradition and had done some Tibetan practices. In 1992 she heard of Ajahn Chah and read his Dhamma talks and had a strong sense of resonance with his teaching.

She wanted to be a nun and went to Amaravati Monastery in 1994 to ordain as an anagarika. In December of 1996 she took higher ordination as a siladhara. Currently, she is staying in Cittaviveka Monastery.

She loves being a samana, going on pindapat (alms-around) and walking on tudong, being exposed to the elements and nature, living on faith, and to be open to the goodness of the Universe and human kindness.