Ajina to ajja

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ajina : [m.] a cheetah, i.e. a long limbed beast of cat family with tawny fur and black spots. (ptsd) gives the meaning "black antilope" but the Sinhalese term "andum diviyā" shows that it is a kind of leopard. nt. its hide.

ajinakkhipa : [m.] a cloak made of cheetah's hide.

ajinapattā : [f.] a bat.

ajinappaveṇī : [f.] a bed-sheet made of cheetah's hide.

ajinayoni : [f.] a kind of antelope.

ajinasāṭi : [f.] a garment made of skin.

ajini : [aor. of jināti] conquered.

ajimha : [adj.] straight; not crooked.

ajira : [nt.] court-yard.

ajī : [f.] she-goat.

ajīraka : [nt.] indigestion.

ajeyya : [adj.] invincible.

ajja : [ind.] today.