Ajjhacarati to ajjhasaya

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ajjhācarati : [adhi + ā + car + a] transgresses; conducts against the rules.

ajjhācari : [aor. of ajjhācarati] transgressed; conducted against the rules.

ajjhāciṇṇa : [pp. of ajjhācarati] 1. much practised; 2. habitually done.

ajjhāpana : [nt.] teaching; instruction.

ajjhāpanna : [pp. of ajjhāpajjati] become guilty of an offence.

ajjhāya : [m.] chapter.

ajjhāyaka : [m.] an instructor; teacher.

ajjhāruhati : [adhi + ā + ruh + a] rises up; climbs over.

ajjhāruhi : [aor. of ajjhāruhati] rose up; climbed over.

ajjhārūḷha : [pp. of ajjhāruhati] risen up; climbed over.

ajjhāvara : [m.] a candidate.

ajjhāvasati : [adhi + ā + vas + a] inhabits; dwells; settles down.

ajjhāvasi : [aor. of ajjhāvasati] inhabited; dwelt; settled down.

ajjhāvasitvā : [abs. of ajjhāvasati] having inhabited; having dwelt; having settled down.

ajjhāvuttha : [pp. of ajjhāvasati] inhabited; occupied.

ajjhāsaya : [m.] intention; disposition.