Akankhati to akinna

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ākaṅkhati : [ā + kakh + ṃ-a] wishes for; desires.

ākaṅkhana : [nt.] longing; wish; desire.

ākaṅkhā : [f.] longing; wish; desire.

ākaṅkhi : [aor. of ākaṅkhati] wished for; desired.

ākaḍḍhana : [nt.] pulling out; dragging.

ākaḍḍhita : [pp. of akaḍḍhati] pulled; dragged.

ākappa : [m.] deportment.

ākappasampanna : [adj.] of good conduct.

ākampita : [pp. of ākampeti] shaken; trembling.

ākara : [m.] a mine; place of production. || ākāra (m.), manner; condition; state; appearance.

ākassati : [ā + kass + a] drags; pulls.

ākassi : [aor. of ākassati] dragged; pulled.

ākāsa : [m.] the sky; space.

ākāsagaṅgā : [f.] the celestial river.

ākāsagata : [adj.] gone to the space.

ākāsacārī : [adj.] going through the air.

ākāsaṭṭha : [adj.] situated or living in the sky.

ākāsatala : [nt.] flat roof of a building.

ākāsadhātu : [f.] the element of space, i.e. ether.

ākiñcañña : [nt.] nothingness; absence of any possession.

ākiṇṇa : [pp. of ākirati] strewn over; scattered.