Akkhana to akkhi

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akkhaṇa : [m.] inappropriate time. || akkhaṇā (f.), a lightning.

akkhaṇavedhī : [m.] an archer who shoots as quickly as lightning or shoots only to graze the object.

akkhata : [adj.] unhurt; not wounded; faultless. || akkhāta (pp. of akkhāti), announced; told; declared.

akkhadassa : [m.] a judge; an umpire.

akkhadhutta : [adj.] addicted to gambling. (m.), gambler.

akkhaya : [adj.] changeless; eternal; decayless. (nt.), the eternal peace.

akkhara : [nt.] a letter; a syllable.

akkharaphalaka : [m.] a board or slate to write on.

akkharasamaya : [m.] the science of writing and reading.

akkhāti : [ā + khā + a] announces; tells; declares.

akkhātu : [m.] one who relates or preaches.

akkhāyī : [m.] one who relates or preaches.

akkhāsi : [aor. of akkhāti] announced; told; declared.

akkhi : [nt.] eye.