Alawala Subhuthi

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Alawala Subuthi
Alawala Subuthi
Born Sri Lanka
Nationality USA
Education B.A., Buddhist Studies
Occupation Buddhist monk
Known for Buddhist monk
Home town Las Vegas, NV
Title Abbot, Bhante (Venerable)
Religion Buddhism, Theravada

Ven. Alawala Subhuthi (1959- ) is a Buddhist monk and abbot of the Nevada Buddhist Vihara. Bhante Subuthi and Nevada Buddhist Vihara maintain a close spiritual and friendly alliance with Vipassana Foundation. Bhante Subuthi is one of the members of the board of directors for Vipassana Foundation.

Nevada Buddhist Vihara

The Nevada Buddhist Vihara today is located 2040 Abels Lane, Las Vegas. Bhante Subuthi's monastery moved from a rented house in central Las Vegas to Northeast Las Vegas where it is today. The Nevada Buddhist Vihara owns the current land and building.

Relations with Vipassana Foundation

(left to right) Bhante Subuthi giving David N. Snyder a ceremonial blessing string

A member of the Board of Directors for Vipassana Foundation, Bhante Subuthi has close ties to the organization.