Alingiya to alopa

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āliṅgiya : [abs. of āliṅgati] having embraced.

ālitta : [pp. of ālimpati or ālimpeti] besmeared or stained with; set with fire.

ālinda : [m.] a verandah before the house door; terrace.

ālimpana : [nt.] 1. besmearing; 2. burning.

ālimpita : [pp. of ālimpeti] 1. smeared; anointed; 2. set fire to.

ālimpeti : [ā + lip + e] 1. smeasrs; anoints; 2. sets fire to.

ālu : [nt.] edible root or bulb; yam.

ālumpakāraṃ : [adv.] taking in lumps.

āluḷita : [pp. of āluḷeti] agitated; confounded.

āluḷeti : [ā + luḷ + e] agitates; confounds.

āluḷesi : [aor. of āluḷeti] agitated; confounded.

ālepa : [m.] ointment; plaster.

ālepana : [nt.] anointing; plastering.

āloka : [m.] light.

ālokana : [nt.] 1. a window; 2. looking at.

ālokasandhi : [m.] a window; an opening to let the light in.

ālokita : [pp. of āloketi] looked at or before. (nt.) looking at or forward.

āloketi : [ā + lok + e] looks at or before.

ālokesi : [aor. of āloketi] looked at or before.

ālopa : [m.] a morsel; a bit; lump.