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The Alliance for Bhikkhunis (AFB) supports monastic Theravada women through assisting with housing costs, medical needs, transportation expenses, assistance in pursuing Buddhist studies, or any other activities which further their leadership roles and ability to be of service to their communities, both practically and spiritually. AFB supports women in the United States and abroad who are fully ordained or are seeking ordination.

The emphasis overseas will be initially in Thailand where the few ordained women there often lack any sustained or organized support. We also wish to assist Thai maechees who wish to ordain and need assistance in accomplishing that.

The founder and president of AFB is Susan Pembroke.

Mission statement

  • Work diligently toward the establishment and protection of a thriving Theravada bhikkhuni sangha in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Educate the laity about the critical role of monasticism in protecting and spreading the Dhamma.
  • Encourage the emergence of bhikkhuni Dhamma teachers and support them as they enter communities new to the Buddha’s teachings.
  • Develop community based viharas which address the practical and spiritual needs of families and individuals, enabling lay practitioners to integrate the Dhamma into every facet of their lives.

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