Ambasanda to ayana

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ambasaṇḍa : [m.] a mango grove.

ambila : [adj.] sour. (m.), sour taste; acid.

ambu : [nt.] water.

ambucārī : [m.] a fish.

ambuja : [adj.] aquatic. (nt.), a lotus. (m.), a fish.

ambujjinī : [f.] lotus pond.

ambuda : [m.] a cloud.

ambudhara : [m.] a cloud.

ambho : [nt.] hollo! hey! (a particle employed to draw attention).

ammaṇa : [nt.] a standard measure of grain, which is about five bushels.

ammā : [f.] mother. (Vocative amma is often used to address a girl or a daughter).

amha : [plu. of amhi] we are. (personal pron.), I, we. = amhi (1st. sing. of as, to be) I am. || amhā (plu. of amhi), we are.

amhi : [1st. sing. of as, to be] I am.

aya : [m.] income. (m.; nt.), iron. || āya (m.), income; profit.

ayaṃ : [(nom. sing. of ima), m.; f.] this person.

ayakapāla : [m.] a lid or pan made of iron.

ayathā : [ind.] false. (Found in cpds. such as ayathābhāva = unreality).

ayana : [nt.] path.