Anjeti to atata

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añjeti : [añju + e] anoints with; applies collyrium.

añjesi : [aor. of añjeti] anointed with; applied collyrium.

aññatama : [adj.] one out of many; unknown.

aññatara : [adj.] certain; not well-known.

aññatitthiya : [m.] an adherent of another faith.

aññattha : [adv.] elsewhere; somewhere else.

aññatra : [adv.] elsewhere; somewhere else.

aññathatta : [nt.] alteration; change of mind.

aññathā : [adv.] otherwise; in a different way.

aññadatthu : [ind.] 1. surely; 2. at any rate; 3. on the other hand.

aññadā : [adv.] on another day; at another time.

aññamaññaṃ : [adv.] one another; each other; mutually.

aññavihita : [adj.] being occupied with something else; distracted.

aññāṇa : [nt.] ignorance.

aññātaka : [adj.] 1. not related by blood; 2. unknown; 3. not recognisable.

aññātakavesa : [m.] disguise.

aññātāvī : [m.] one who knows or has insight.

aññātu : [m.] one who knows or has insight.

aññātukāma : [adj.] desirous to know.

aññāya : [abs.] having understood.

aññoñña : [adj.] mutual.

aṭaṭa : [m.] 1. name of a minor hell; 2. a high numeral. || ātata (nt.), a drum with one face.