Ankusa to angaraga

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aṅkusa : [m.] a pole with a hook used for plucking fruits or to guide an elephant.

aṅketi : [aki + e] marks out; brands; puts a number on.

aṅketvā : [abs. of aṅketi] having marked out; having branded.

aṅkesi : [aor. of aṅketi] marked out; branded.

aṅkhubhana : [nt.] stirring; agitation.

aṅga : [nt.] 1. a constituent part; 2. a limb; 3. quality.

aṅgajāta : [nt.] the male or female organ.

aṅgaṇa : [nt.] 1. an open space; a court yard; 2. impurity of mind.

aṅgada : [nt.; adj.] bracelet for arm.

aṅganā : [f.] woman.

aṅgapaccaṅga : [nt.] major and minor limbs.

aṅgarakapalla : [m.] pan for holding cinders.

aṅgarakāsu : [f.] a pit full of cinders.

aṅgarakkhaka : [m.] bodyguard.

aṅgarāga : [m.] a cosmetic to anoint the body with.