Anokasa to antamoso

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anokāsa : [adj.] having no opportunity, space or time.

anojā : [f.] a plant with orange-coloured flowers.

anotatta : [m.] name of a lake in the Himalayas (from which several Indian rivers flow).

anotaraṇabhāva : [m.] the fact of not getting down.

anottappa : [nt.] recklessness.

anottāpī : [adj.] not afraid of sin; reckless.

anodaka : [adj.] waterless.

anodissa : [adv.] indefinitely.

anodissaka : [adj.] 1. unrestricted; 2. general; 3. without a personal hint.

anonamanta : [adj.] not bending down.

anoma : [adj.] superior.

anomadassī : [m.] one who has supreme knowledge.

anovasska : [adj.] sheltered from the rain.

anosakkanā : [f.] strenuousness.

anta : [m.] the end; goal; top. nt. intestine.

antaka : [m.] the Death.

antakara : [adj.] putting an end to.

antakiriyā : [f.] ending; relief.

antaganṭhi : [m.] twisting of the intestine.

antagamana : [nt.] going to an end; eradication.

antaguṇa : [nt.] mesentery.

antamoso : [ind.] at least.