Antojana to anvaga

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antojana : [m.] people belonging to the family.

antojāta : [adj.] born in the house; a slave.

antovassa : [m.; nt.] rainy season.

antovuttha : [adj.] kept inside.

andu : [m.] a fetter; a chain.

anduka : [m.] a fetter; a chain.

andughara : [nt.] prison.

andha : [adj.] 1. blind; 2. foolish.

andhaka : [adj.] belonging to the Andhra country. (m.), gad-fly.

andhakaraṇa : [adj.] blinding; confusing.

andhakāra : [m.] darkness; bewilderment.

andhantama : [m.; nt.] deep darkness.

andhabāla : [adj.] silly; very foolish.

andhabhūta : [adj.] mentally blind; ignorant.

anna : [nt.] food; boiled rice.

annada : [adj.] one who gives food.

annapāna : [nt.] food and drink.

anvagā : [3rd. sing. pret.] (he) followed.