Anugamana to anucara

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anugamana : [m.] following after.

anugāmika : [adj.] going along with; a follower.

anugāmī : [nt.] along with; a follower.

anugāhati : [anu + gāh + a] plunges into; enters.

anugāhi : [aor. of anugāhati] plunged into; entered.

anugijjhati : [anu + gidh + a] covets.

anugijjhi : [aor. of anugijjhati] coveted.

anugiddha : [pp. of anugijjhati] covetous; greedy.

anuggaṇhana : [m.] favour; help; assistance.

anuggaṇhāti : [anu + gah + ṇhā] helps; has pity on.

anuggaṇhi : [aor. of anuggaṇhāti] helped; had pity on.

anuggaha : [nt.] favour; help; assistance.

anuggahita : [pp. of anuggaṇhāti] commiserated; helped.

anuggāhaka : [3] helper; a patron.

anuggiranta : [pr.p.] not uttering; not speaking.

anugghāṭeti : [anu + u + ghaṭ + e] opens; unfastens. *ptsd. gives an opposite meaning after showing its construction as: "an + ugghāṭeti."

anucaṅkamati : [anu + kam + a] follows one who is walking up and down.

anucaṅkami : [aor. of anucaṅkamati] follwed one who is walking up and down.

anucara : [m.] a follower; attendant.