Anupayasa to anuppatta

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anupāyāsa : [adj.] sorrowless; serene.

anupālaka : [adj.] guarding; protecting. (m.), a protector.

anupālana : [nt.] maintenance; protection.

anupāleti : [anu + pāl + e] maintains; safeguards.

anupālesi : [aor. of anupāleti] maintained; safeguarded.

anupucchati : [anu + pucch + a] inquires after.

anupucchi : [aor.] inquired after.

anupuṭṭha : [pp. of anupucchati] being asked or questioned.

anupubba : [adj.] successive; gradual.

anupubbaṃ : [adv.] gradually; by and by.

anupubbatā : [f.] graduation; succession.

anupubbena : [adv.] gradually; by and by.

anupekkhati : [anu + upa + ikkh + a] considers carefully.

anupekkhanā : [f.] consideration.

anupekkhi : [aor. of anupekkhati] considered carefully.

anupesi : [aor. of anupeseti] sent forth after.

anupeseti : [anu + pes + e] sends forth after. (f.), consideration.

anuposiya : [adj.] be nourished or fostered.

anuppatta : [pp.of anupāpuṇāti] reached; attained.