Anuvaseti to anuvidita

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anuvāseti : [anu + vas + e] scents; impregnates with a good smell.

anuvāsesi : [aor. of anuvāseti] scented; impregnated with a good smell.

anuvicarati : [anu + vi + +car + a] wanders about; roams.

anuvicarana : [nt.] roaming about; strolling.

anuvicari : [aor. of anuvicarati] wandered about; roamed.

anuvicarita : [pp. of anuvicarati] pondered over; reflected.

anuvicināti : [anu + vi + ci + nā] ponders over; examines.

anuvicini : [aor. of anuvicināti] pondered over; examined.

anuvicca : [abs. of anuvicināti] having known or found out.

anuviccakāra : [m.] through investigation.

anuvijjaka : [m.] examiner; investigator.

anuvijjati : [anu + vid + ya] investigates; knows thoroughly.

anuvijjana : [nt.] trial.

anuvijji : [aor. of anuvijjati] investigated; knew thoroughly.

anuvijjhati : [anu + vidh + ya] pierces; understands thoroughly.

anuvijjhi : [aor. of anuvijjhati] pierced; understood thoroughly.

anuvitakketi : [anu + vi + takk + e] reflects; ponders over.

anuvitakkesi : [aor. of anutakketi] reflected; pondered over.

anuvidita : [pp. of anuvijjati] recognised.