Anuviddha to anusaya

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anuviddha : [pp. of anuvijjhati] pierced; understood thoroughly.

anuvidhīyati : [anu + vi + dhā + ī + ya] acts in conformity with.

anuvidhīyi : [aor. of anuvidhīyati] acted in conformity with

anuviloketi : [anu + vi + lok + e] looks over; surveys.

anuvilokesi : [aor. of anuviloketi] looked over; survey.

anuvuttha : [pp. of anuvasati] dwelt; lived.

anuvyañjana : [nt.] a secondary attribute.

anusaṃvaccharaṃ : [adv.] annually.

anusakkati : [anu + sakk + a] moves back or asides.

anusakki : [aor. of anusakkati] moved back or asided.

anusañcaraṇa : [nt.] walking about; going around.

anusañcarati : [anu + saṃ + car + a] walks along; goes round about.

anusañcari : [aor. of anusañcarati] walked along; went round about.

anusañcarita : [pp. of anusañcarati] frequented.

anusaṭa : [pp. of anusarati] gone after; followed.

anusanā : [f.] advice; instruction; admonition.

anusanī : [f.] advice; instruction; admonition.

anusandati : [anu + sand + a] streams along; be connected with.

anusandi : [aor. of anusandati] streamed along; been connected with.

anusandhi : [f.] connection; conclusion.

anusampanna : [adj.] one who has not yet received the full ordination or upasampadā.

anusaya : [m.] proclivity; a dormant disposition.