Apadesa to aparaddha

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apadesa : [m.] reason; statement.

apadhāraṇa : [nt.] removal; driving away.

apanāmeti : [pa + nam + e] banishes; removes.

apanāmesi : [aor. of apanāmeti] banished; removed.

apanidahati : [pa + ni + dah + a] hides; conceals.

apanidahi : [aor. of apanidahati] hid; concealed.

apanihita : [pp. of apanidahati] hidden; concealed.

apanīta : [pp. of apaneti] taken away, removed.

apanudati : [pa + anud + a] drives away; dispels.

apanudana : [nt.] removal; dispelling.

apanudi : [aor. of apanudati] drove away; dispelled.

apanuditu : [m.] dispeller of.

apaneti : [pa + ni + a] takes away; removes.

apanesi : [aor. of apaneti] took away, removed.

apamāra : [m.] epilepsy.

apara : [adj.] 1. another; other; 2. western. || apāra (adj.), limitless; without a further shore. (nt.), the near bank.

aparajju : [adv.] on the following day.

aparajjhati : [pa + radh + ya] offends against; does some crime.

aparajjhi : [aor. of aparajjhati] offended against; did some crime.

aparaddha : [pp. of aparajjhati] 1. guilty; 2. failed.