Apagata to apacini

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apagata : [pp. of apagacchati] removed; departed; gone away.

apagata-kāḷaka : [adj.] stainless.

apagabbha : [adj.] (apa + gabbha) not destined to another rebirth; (a + pagabbha) not haughty.

apagama : [m.] moving aside; disappearance.

apagamma : [abs.] having moved aside.

apacakkha : [adj.] unseen; not realised; not tested.

apacaya : [m.] falling off; diminution; unmaking.

apacayagāmī : [m.] making for the undoing of rebirth.

apacāyaka : [adj.] paying homage.

apacāyati : [pa + cāy + a] honours; respects.

apacāyana : [nt.] worship; reverence. || apacāyanā (f.), worship; reverence.

apacāyi : [aor. of apacāyati] honoured; respected. || apacāyī (adj.), paying homage.

apacāyita : [pp. of apacāyati] honoured; respected.

apaciti : [f.] respect; expiation; reverence.

apacinana : [nt.] destruction; expiation.

apacināti : [pa + ci + nā] does away with; diminishes.

apacini : [aor. of apacināti] did away with; diminished.